Ádám Boóc: 

The Old - New Legacy of the General Partnership and Limited Partnership. Observations on the Rules for the ipso iure Dissolution of General Partnership and Limited Partnership

Balázs Arató:
The Habsburg Family Statute as a Historical Forerunner of Family Constitutions

Tibor Nochta:
On the Responsibilities and Risks of the Activities of Senior Officials of Economic Companies

Szabolcs Szöllősi-Baráth:
Amendment of the Condition Suspending the Entry into Force of Public Contracts 

Botond Székely:
The Analysis of the Contracts of the Professional Athletes Based on the Hungarian Classification System

Zsolt Gyebrovszki:
Competition Damages Actions and Leniency Programmes Irreconcilable Conflict, or Potential Harmony?

Ferenc Fábián:
Freedom of Contract and the Constitution 

Géza Balázs:
The Path of the Legal Language in the Hungarian Language