Annamária Csilla Gyüre:
Green Urban Management in the Light of Ecological Challenges

Géza Balázs:
The Symbolic Hungarian "Language Act" 

Csaba Cservák:
On the Dogmatic Aspects of Free Speech in Media Law

Boglárka Lilla Schlachta:
Certain Questions of the Judicial Liability 
in a Legal Historian Perspective 

Máté Giovannini:
The a Semet Ipso Exigere Obligation of the Negotiorum Gestor 
Concerning Interest Payment 

Edina Lajos:
Law and Morality in the Context of the Ombudsman 

Judit Balassa:
Religious Freedom in the System of Fundamental Rights 

Balázs Vesszős:
The Language of Law in Intercultural Context 
in the Light of British and American English 

Ferenc Norbert Sipos:
Our New Old Friend: 
Can Latin Become the Common Legal Language Again in Europe? 

Csaba Cservák:
Human Rights and Legitimacy